Framelock Counters - Portable Counters for Event ManagementWinner - 2010 Engineering Excellene Awards - Northern 2010

Portable Counters for Event Management by Framelock Counters

Framelock Portable Counters now available from Eventquip.

Featuring a modern aluminium finish that looks great in any application this light weight and modular portable counter
will add to the presentation and safety of any event or venue.
This product integrates with Framelock Barriers™ Crowd Control Fence / Barrier System.

  • Locks together to create a work surface of any length.
  • Wide platform and two-stage shelf provides stability and strength.
  • Each section supports 200 kilograms.
  • Rapidly assembled by two people using no special tools.
  • Durable aluminium construction for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Weighs just 45 kilograms per section.
  • Packs flat for easy transportation and storage.
  • Decorative panels anodized or powder coated in your choice of colour.
  • Platform finished in non-slip aluminium or weather-resistant outdoor carpet.

Framelock portable counters displayed in White, Green, Yellow and Black Colours
Portable counter tops in Grey, Red, Blue and White Colours
Counters/Barriers in Plain Mesh Colour
Framelock Counters come in a variety of colours...
...that can match your company branding.
An aluminium finish provides a stylish option.
Portable Counters joined to form longer section Front and Reverse Views. Reverse view shows Shelving at rear of counter. Framelock Counters are very portable and easily stack for transporting to and from locations
Rapidly assembles to form longer work surface Framelock counters offer two shelves... ...and pack flat for effortless transportation

Watch our movies on how these portable counters quickly and easily assemble

How are Framelock ™ Portable Counters Used?

Concerts • Touring  • Outdoor events • Indoor events • Venues and Stadiums • Conventions and Exhibitions • Sporting events

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Framelock Barriers - Temporary Fencing Barricades - The Next Generation Crowd Control Management

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Framelock™ Barriers is a lightweight modular system of hi-tensile aluminium barricades / crowd control barriers and temporary barricade fencing
manufactured to meetor exceed Australian and international standards.

Featuring a modern aluminium finish that looks good in any application. Combine barrier fence units with
corner sections
and service gates to erect a cost-effective, free standing integrated crowd control solution.

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